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Arabic Software

This page contains information on some of the Arabic software that is available. Please note that AATA does not endorse any Arabic software program. This information is provided as a service to the profession and the public. If you know of a software package and would like to add it to our list along with a brief description of the software and its capabilities, please send us an e-mail message.


The Arabic Phonetics ACOCO App is a very useful program especially for those studying Arabic as a second language. It has great animations of the vocal apparatus, It includes videos, exercises, Arabic to IPA Translator, word and picture of the day, and audio samples that describe the essential features of each of the consonants. ACOCO or Arabic Phonetics is especially useful for students studying Arabic as a second language.

ACOCO can assist academic stakeholders in bringing facets of the Arabic language to non- native speakers, teachers and organizations. ACOCO utilizes Arabic phonetic units, which have no equivalent in some other languages.

Those languages considered were Chinese, Spanish, English, Russian, German, Indonesian, French, Urdu, Turkish and Hausa. The corpus thus addresses Arabic pronunciations, in terms of the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) symbols, and has had a most positive response by experts.

Available now on Apple store for both the iPhone and iPad:

The free sample on the web:

The Facebook page:


For more information regarding the application, contact:
Muhammed El Ghaled

Phone: +20 1221284421    

Educational Software

Tareq : Multimedia Arabic course

Didaco, SA, a Barcelona based, Spanish publisher, has in the market a multimedia, self-teaching Arabic course for English speakers ( Tareq , the name of the course, is the result of 3 years of work by a team of Spanish and Moroccan Arabic philologists and has had a most positive response by experts. For more information, visit the website or contact:

Victor Mesalles Almenara
International Sales Manager
Regás , 3 - 08006 Barcelona , Spain
Tel:  34 93 237 64 00
Fax: 34 93 218 92 77

Sakhr Software Company

Sakhr , the world's leading Arabic software company, develops software specifically tailored to the needs of the Arabic market and the Arabic speaking population. Sakhr has also developed interactive multimedia courseware for Arabic as a foreign language (beginning through advanced levels).   This courseware is suitable for both distance learning and for individualized courses. Sakhr also has a   well -developed line of translation tools, dictionaries, lexicons and wordprocessing add-ons.  The translation tools and dictionaries are freely available online.  For information on these products and for links to the online services go to

EduMagic's Arabic Language distance learning program

For more information, look up

Al- Qaari ' AD- Dawli Arabic International Reader CD-Rom

Gerald Lampe and Samia Montasser of the Johns Hopkins University , School of Advanced International Studies
This interactive CD-Rom was designed to reinforce reading and listening comprehension skills. The program focuses on topics in international affairs including:
* Negotiations
*Trade and Industry
*Political Crisis
*Defense Policy and Strategy

All units provide authentic language material, background information, vocabulary, pre- and post-text exercises and audio features.
Al- Qaari ' AD- Dawli complements the SAIS Arabic Reader released last year. It is available as a stand-alone learning tool or in a pack which includes the book.
To order contact Kendall/Hunt at (800)338-8290 or email:

CD-Rom/Book Combo: $75.00 ISBN 0-7872-6506-3
CD-Rom only: $45.00 ISBN 0-7872-6505-5
Book only: $30.00 ISBN 0-7872-5281-6

Virtual Conversations TM : Language Program - The Arabic Series

This series of four Virtual Conversations TM programs for intermediate Arabic students provides a new approach to language training. Combining voice recognition and digital video technology, they allow the user to conduct meaningful, "face to face" dialogues with native Arabic speakers. Each program features a different Arab character - a soldier, a pilot, an émigré, and a Kurdish refugee - who reveal their compelling stories as the user conducts an in-depth interview. Users report this experience "is like talking to a real person." Scientific testing has established the realism and proven the educational effectiveness of this experiential learning method. The programs also include a video instructor who helps with pronunciation of the phrases needed for the virtual dialogue in either Modern Standard Arabic or Iraqi dialect.

Minimum System Requirements: Pentium processor-based system, 16 MB RAM (32 for NT), quad-speed CD-ROM drive, 30MB of free hard drive space (for full series), SVGA display, sound card, microphone with on/off switch, and Windows 95/98/NT.

Individual programs: US$89.95 plus shipping and handling. Complete series: US$229.95 plus shipping and handling Microphone included. Volume discounts and site licenses available. Please call Interactive Drama Inc., 1-800-489-4547 or e-mail for further information or visit our Web site at

Elementary Modern Standard Arabic: Computer Companion

EMSA Companion is now available for both the PC and Mac . It is a multimedia instructional application designed to complement Elementary Modern Standard Arabic (EMSA) by Abboud et. al. ( Cambridge Univ. Press). It contains all vocabulary, all "basic texts," and most drills found in EMSA and allows students to review, practice, and test on them in an interactive format. In addition to being a helpful supplement to students enrolled in on-campus Arabic courses, this software is especially well-suited for those working on learning Arabic on their own.  For more information or to order look under the software section of:

We are currently working on materials to accompany the Al- Kitaab textbook series by Brustad , Al- Batal , and Al- Tonsi (Georgetown Univ. Press). We have  basically completed the Macintosh materials for Alif Baa and Al- Kitaab, vol. 1. We are presently discussing distribution with Georgetown Univ. Press and will post more information here when we know more.

Ahlan wa Sahlan, Computer-Assisted Learning for Arabic

Ahlan wa Sahlan is a computer program for first-year Arabic (150 contact hours) is available from the Ohio State University . It is developed for the Macintosh and is based on HyperCard 2.1, though the program is delivered as a stand alone application (work on an upgraded version that incorporates a video component and is cross platform is underway). The program is designed to accommodate the absolute beginner as well as the student who has developed certain abilities in the different language skills. Digitized voice, printed words, and graphics provide an effective presentation of material. Drills are designed to ensure proper listening, pronunciation, word formation, and reading compre hension . Exercises provide further practice with immediate, informative feedback. Reading comprehension passages are supported by a variety of exercises and an on-line dictionary with voice.

The program also has a testing component that comprises 15 Stage Tests. Each one of these tests covers material equivalent to one credit hour in the quarter system; thus the 15 tests cover first-year Arabic (150 contact hours). The computer generates a record for each test taker in which answers and scores are recorded. Use of this program is required of both, students enrolled in the classroom track and those registered in the individualized Center.

The cost is $290 for institutions with a site license for installation on multiple machines and $188 for students with the right to install the program on one machine only. Payment by purchase order or check payable to The Ohio State University (Arabic).

The CALL program can be used with any textbook. It is, however, based on the series of instructional materials Ahlan wa Sahlan which covers three years of Arabic. Two years' worth of these materials will be published soon by Yale University Press. An improved version of the computer program will also be published by YUP. The materials, however, are currently available from the following address (textbooks and tapes):

OSU Foreign Language Publications
Law Services Building
East 12th Avenue
Columbus, OH 432

(614) 292-3838

The computer-assisted program may be ordered from:

Mahdi Alosh
Associate Professor of Arabic
The Ohio State University
1735 Neil Avenue
203 Botany & Zoology Building
Columbus, OH 43210

Phone: (614) 292-8504
FAX (614) 292-1262

Learn Arabic

  1. Learn Arabic: (One CD-Rom) (Arabic, Malay, English ) : a modern way to learn Arabic rapidly, using color coding to identify the feminine and masculine words. The program has 52 lessons to learn the basic words and grammar of the Arabic language. System requirement: 486 and above, 16 MB Ram, Windows 95, 640 x 480 resolution, Sound Card, 16 Bit color (Hi-color).
  2. Nahu & Sarf : (Two CDs 414 page book) (Arabic, Malay): A reference of the Arabic grammar also using color coding of words. This is very useful, even for Arabs. System requirement: 486 and above, 16 MB Ram, Windows 95, 640 x 480 resolution, Sound Card, 16 Bit color (Hi-color).
  3. How to Read the Qur'an : (one CD): System requirement: 486 and above, 16 MB Ram, Windows 95, 640 x480 resolution, Sound card, 16 bit color (Hi color).
  4. Tuan Zainun Tuan Mat, Publishers, Software Developers 1364 Jln . Pasir Hor , Kg. Pasir Hor 15150 Kota Bharu , Kelantan , Malaysia Tel. 6 - 09 - 765 87 02 Fax: 6 - 09 - 764 4667.

Home Interactive

Home Interactive is involved in development and localizing of high quality educational & reference Multimedia CD-ROM software in Arabic language. We carry the Jumpstart series in Arabic version. These CDs are curriculum based and help on learning the Arabic Language as well as teaches different subjects. Some of the CDs are bi-lingual. For additional information please visit our site at:

Arabic Language Adventure

A comprehensive interactive guide to learning the basics of the Arabic language and culture. Step by step it explains the basics of the Arabic alphabet and grammar. Words are shown in their Arabic script with English phonetics and even pronounced out loud for you. A section devoted to common phrases enables the novice to converse in no time and with the support of three dictionaries ,the proper word is never far away.

The disk traces the fundamental history of the language and its literature from its pre-Islamic poetry and the influence of the Koran, right up to the present day. It also contains facts about the Arab population, culture and customs of the 21 Arab Countries. With full graphics, sound and the option for the student to record themselves and compare their pronunciation to a language expert, the disk is a superb tool to introduce the Arabic language and culture.

Our web site is

The Arabic Language Adventure on CD-Rom retails for US$59.95 plus taxes and shipping.

Arabic Computer and Processing

Aramedia : Arabic and Islamic Software
(Microsoft Bilingual Arabic/English Software Requires Arabic Windows.)

Featuring many diverse Arabic programs, software, games, educational tools, etc. You are welcome to contact us for all of your Arabic Computing needs.

Aramedia Group 761 Adams Street Boston , MA 02122 , USA

The Arabization Software Center of Boston

Offers services such as: Software Localization, (offshore) programming, authoring, translation into Arabic, pagemaking , offset films, printing, distribution of books in paper and electronic form, software and Multimedia title development.
For more information, contact:

George N. Hallak
Tel.: 617-825-3044
Fax: 617-770-9191
Arabic/English Talking Electronic Translators

Links to Other Arabic Software Sites

Arabic Language Curriculum Software

*Company: Pearlink Software Int'l, Inc. / U.S.A.
* Contact Email Address:
* Short Site Description : My Arabic Teacher 2.1 is a comprehensive Arabic language software curriculum for all levels. Over 700 hours of course work. It meets international academic standards. Bilingual (English-Arabic) interface. Bundled with Al-Khttat 2.0b multilingual text editor. Mac First.

Vocab ClinicT

Is a suite of powerful, effective, and easy-to-use language learning tools that uses the most comprehensive digital library of Egyptian Arabic vocabulary ever assembled.  Vocab ClinicT's "smart" language learning features include:

  • A digitized library of over 3000 vocabulary items used in everyday life in Egypt
  • Over 30 categories of words and phrases
  • Choice of English, Arabic, or Arabic transliteration as primary script
  • View all scripts simultaneously
  • CD-quality recordings of each word by a native speaker of Egyptian Arabic, along with wave-form plots to provide visual feedback
  • Controls that allow you to listen to audio recordings as many times as you need to clearly understand
  • Record and compare your own pronunciation, repeating as often as you need until you get it right
  • Informative notes on each word or phrase that help you better understand the cultural and grammatical context in which they are used
  • Write and save your own notes for each word
  • Full print capabilities, allowing you to print fully customizable vocabulary practice sheets
  • Regularly updated extended online resources that automatically connect to your software

Vocab Clinic was developed by a mixed group of non-native and native Arabic speakers who have either learned or taught Egyptian Arabic over the past 10 years.  It is currently being used by Arabic learners in the American University, the US and Canadian embassies, various multinational companies and institutes, and various international aid programs. It has received excellent reviews in its first two months on the market (released September 2003). It is currently on sale locally in Egypt, as well as online through our website. For full details on the software, visit


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